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Photo and Graphics



Donald N. Sarian Professional Photography & Graphics was founded in 1986; however, Donny  has been interested in photography since the age of ten. He started by learning how to use his father's complex 1952 Leica IIIf camera.

Throughout the years Donny gradually honed his skills by studying photography & graphic design. He was constantly shooting pictures of many different subjects.

With years of experience under his belt he moved toward his specialty; Automotive and Commercial photography. In this, he has been very successful, shooting covers, features and doing layouts for many major product manufacturers, car publications, books, and industrial catalogs. He has also designed over 2000 CD layouts for clients.

Donny is a native Californian from Los Angeles and graduated from California State University at Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and a Masters degree in History. He has always been involved in the arts. In fact, Donny has been a drummer since the age of five, music being the first passion of his life. He has also played in many high profile Los Angeles based major label rock bands including: Divine Rite, Mach 1 and Big Franklin, and has recorded/performed drums and guitar in countless sessions for various musicians. He also has his own professional recording studio in his home.

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